About Us

This platform is a new generation of digital asset international radio station established by Silicon Valley geeks and many global investment institutions. The company is headquartered in Singapore and plans to establish independent operations centers in the United States, Hong Kong, South Korea, Japan and other countries and regions.

This platform has a first-class first-class technical team and operation team, professional financial-level security risk prevention and control, and a 24-hour real-time customer service system. The transaction matching speed of the system has reached 10 million orders per second. We are committed to providing users with the most convenient customer experience and have implemented comprehensive prevention solutions, such as intelligent identification of CC attacks.

This platform proposes and implements 3S international station standards (service, speed and safety), which is an international station with comfortable vision, interactivity and simple logic. Coin Group will continue to provide users with better products and better services!

This platform aims to create a safe, transparent, efficient and easy-to-use digital asset international site for global users.



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