The whitelist of the first phase of the BJS trading platform will be opened soon

BJS's basic technology system for commercial applications has made breakthrough progress, and the whitelist of the first phase of the trading platform will be opened soon
The main body and framework of the BJS public chain have made breakthrough progress. Now you can check GitHub, officially ushering in a new milestone.The BJS network adopts the next-generation dpos consensus mechanism, adopts the two core technologies of the Dpos node, the built-in Sigam anonymous protocol and smart contract, and integrates the super master node, mining pool, lightning network, cross-chain extended function transactions, etc. to create a login The blockchain 3.0 application of public chain and global super commercial public chain.

BJS's in-depth technology research and development will eventually achieve the perfect integration of decentralization, anonymity, smart contracts and scalability. Now, there are 3 million registered users around the world, and even some well-known investment institutions have invested in BJS to share the glorious moment of BJS.


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